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Sand Slitting & Drainage

An extensive range of land drainage systems can be expertly installed by our skilled operators using the most up to date machinery available causing the minimal disturbance to your playing surface. H.M.Price Ltd are able to offer a wide range of drainage services. We have a considerable range of drainage plant and machinery ranging from large earth moving equipment, laser guided equipment down to specialized tractor mounted sand slitter's and trenchers. We have an experienced team of employees with many years experience in our industry.


Lateral drainage systems can be installed using our AFT trencher.A typical drainage system consists of a lattice of lateral drains linked to a main drain.Our AFT trencher is used to create the trenches and can dig trenches up to 1.6m deep, and 300mm wide.It is installed with a conveyer to take away all exses soil.It is the ideal trencher for installation of irrigation and drainage systems.

Sand Slitting

Sand slitting is a secondary drainage technique.The slits or trenches, 50-75mm wide and 200-300mm deep, are inserted at 1 - 2m spacing. They are back filled with gravel and then topped off with free draining sand.

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