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Geo Jute

Manufactured from unbleached jute fibre, Geo-jute is a lightweight yet effective net for use in the prevention of erosion, degrades in one season.Invaluable for establishing new grass seedlings, thereafter the product slowly biodegrades to add nutrients and improve soil quality.

Benefits of Geo Jute

  • Used to solve erosion control problems for over 30 years
  • Easy and economical to install
  • Totally biodegradable within 2 years
  • Highly absorbent - up to five times its own weight in water
  • Hugs all ground surfaces to hold soil and seed in place
  • Helps prevent undercutting
  • No synthetic nettings to interfere with mowers
  • No synthetic nettings to injure or trap birds or animals
  • Acts as a soil nutrient - puts back organic matter per acre
  • Accepts hydroseeding before AND after installation
  • Open weave construction allows overseeding after installation and after initial vegetation is established
  • Ideal for bio-engineering applications
  • Natural fiber - jute - undyed and unbleached, without toxins
  • Applicable to all climates and soil conditions
  • Applicable to most any terrain; used with any grass or ground cover
  • Has been successfully used on slopes up to
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