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Koro Field Top Maker

The KORO FIELD TOP MAKER is mainly used to quickly remove the top layer of a sports field to a depth of up to 50mm (2 inches) followed by turfing or seeding to re-establish a brand new grass playing surface over the shortest possible period of time and to allow playing to recommence almost immediatley.

Because the KORO Field Top Maker can achieve this process so successfully, it has become an integral part of renovation for many clubs. The Koro Field Top Maker when set at greater depth is very effective for the complete removal of old worn out and weed infested turf, in practice it removes all surface vegetation, thatch and some soil, whilst also levelling (like a wood plane) the surface and depositing the debris into a trailer driving parallel to the machine via an elevator. This removes compacted soil and shallow rooting grasses for a more intense pitch rejuvenation.

Koroing is an excellent way to deal with severe thatch problems and also to correct minor discrepancies in levels.This process will require an extensive over-seeding or turfing afterwards.

The Field Top Maker may be used in cold or warm season turf fields and turf sport facilities, such as, sports fields, rugby/football/cricket, golf courses, race courses capable of small or large scale operations. Depth of operation of the Koro is easily adjusted via screw jacks on each roller, from 1-50mm. The Koro Field Topmaker has proven itself not only on Football/Rugby pitches but also for Cricket applications and is ideal to level saddles and uneven squares to create an ideal playing surface.

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