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With over 20 years of experience in this aspect of our business H.M.Price Ltd is one of the main drainage contractors in south Wales. We offer the most comprehensive drainage systems available and also a complete land drainage design service with feasibility studies undertaken.

Land drainage: An extensive range of land drainage systems can be expertly installed by our skilled operators using the most up to date machinery available causing the minimal disturbance to your playing surface. H.M.Price Ltd are able to offer a wide range of construction services. We have a considerable range of construction plant and machinery ranging from large earth moving equipment, laser guided equipment down to specialized cultivation and seeding machines. We have an experienced team of employees with many years in our industry.

A modern fleet of the most up to date tractors and specialist equipment to ensure the job in hand is undertaken smoothly and efficiently. H.M.Price Ltd can carry out any size of contract quickly and efficiently causing the minimal disturbance to our clients.

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